Toilet Seat Hinges

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Whether your existing toilet seat needs or you want to make sure you’re prepared for all eventualities, Toilet seat hinges feature everything you need to get your toilet in working order again. Coming complete with hinges and hinges that are compatible with our toilet seats, this pack is a handy backup to keep in your bathroom cabinet or toolbox.

Depending on the type of seat hinges, tools may not be needed. However it is probably best to get some basic tools together: pliers, a set of spanners or a small adjustable wrench may be required. For the metal hinges, it would also be handy to have a couple of 6mm nuts available.
You might be simply changing the hinges of the toilet seat, which can be bought separately. This means that you can replace this and keep the seat should you want to.

Toilet seat hinges all seem the same, but that is not the case. There are standard sizes of toilet seat hinges, but there are multiple sizes from which to choose. If you have spent the money on an expensive toilet, then you will run the risk that the store will not carry a hinge that is made for that brand.